True Jesus Church. United Kingdom General Assembly. Boyd Street
The True Jesus Church was established in 1917 in Beijing, China. Why their UK headquarters are in Shieldfield, I have no idea!

True Jesus Church

The following is an entry from my guest book

Hi there, I thought I'd update you about your picture of the True Jesus Church in Shieldfield. My family orignates from a small fishing island on the border of China and Hong Kong in the northern New Territories called Ap Chau (Duck Island coz of it's shape).

The Church was a missionary sect based in Taiwan and when my family (which is absolutely HUGE!) emigrated to the UK, we settled in the North East mainly with branches in Edinburgh, Elgin, Sunderland and Leicester. The one in Newcastle has the biggest population and when we could, the Church bought it's own premises in Shieldfield. I think because it was relatively cheap, don't really know since I was a kid then. The new building was acquired a few years ago and the old building is like a community centre now.

I've been home to visit and sometimes take a taxi to Church but can't remember the name of the street etc but the taxi drivers seem to know it anyway and I just need to say "Chinese Church".

I hope your readers find this interesting as I'm very proud of how my family have made a new life for themselves and now consider Newcastle home with Ap Chau as where we came from even though that was about 3 generations ago.

Melissa Chan
Hong Kong

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