360 degree Panoramic Views


To view these photos, Java needs to be enabled in your browser. The larger files are probably more suited to a broadband connection.
Once the file has loaded, use your mouse to scroll around the photo and the [UP] and [DOWN] arrows to zoom in and out.
Some of the photos have "hot spots". As your cursor passes over these, a brief description of that particular element will appear on the screen.
You can highlight these "hot spots" by toggling the [SPACEBAR].


St. Peters Basin, April 2004

St. Peters Basin
276KB Version     108KB Version

View from the mouth of the Ouseburn, June 2004

View from the Ouseburn
202KB Version   96KB Version

Blyth. The Staithes and North Pier

Blyth Stathes
122KB Version  49KB Version

Newcastle General Hospital
Newcastle General Hospital
236KB Version  85KB Version

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